Our Vision and Mission

Called to Follow


Our Vision


Our vision is to be a body of believers called to follow the never-changing Christ in an ever-changing world.


Our Core Values...

Love We love the only true God with our whole being, in all we are, in all we do, and in all we say;

Know We know this one true God as he reveals himself in creation, in inspired Scripture and through the Holy Spirit;

Listen We listen for the will of God by praying in many ways and in all circumstances;

Follow We follow the only Son of God by living in discipleship to Jesus  Christ;

Teach We teach our children and each other's children to know what it is to live in discipleship;

Share We share the love of God by being the hands and feet and voice of Jesus in a faithless and hurting world;

Enjoy We enjoy God by coming together for soul-refreshing, glad-hearted worship as a community deeply committed to one another.


Our Mission


Our mission is to encourage, equip and energize a healthy body of Christ to love God and love others.

  • We will gather regularly to worship God in spirit and truth, to listen to Him and respond to His Word.

  • We will strive to nurture each other in faith and obedience, being especially attentive to the spiritual maturation of our children and youth.

  • We will love each other as Christ loves us, will bear each other's burdens, and will welcome and enfold all those He brings to us.

  • We will seek God's kingdom above all else, and will strive to build His church for His glory.

  • We will share the good news of God's love with friends and neighbors and will disciple those who are new to the faith.

  • We will pray "in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests" so that God's people may be strengthened and encouraged, and the evil one routed.

  • We will offer our hearts, our lives, and our resources to do God's work in this world being ready to give up everything for Christ's sake.